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SPRING 2024 Illuman of Texas
Journey of Illumination (JOI) Weekend

February 23 - 25, 2024
McKinney Falls State Park

Embracing Our Shadow & Emotions

We will be working from the premise is that we are all the holders of aspects of our Shadow Self that seek to dominate us and determine our behavior.  They make themselves known to us as inner voices and the emotions they engender. The conflict that humans continue to experience, either overtly or in the recesses of our consciousness is the chorus of voices speaking from the shadowy corners of our deep self and the swirling emotional currents that seem to encompass our very being.


From your Shadow Self, you may have encountered the Lover with the emotions gently or urgently moving over you, evoking a smile and a curious prompt to explore more of the ‘Other,” as they are presented to us. 


You may have experienced an aspect of the Shadow Self as commanding directives from the obscure, giving us little choice, but to reactively comply while fearing what could happen if we do not fulfill the command.


As one seeker has said, “The Shadow Self is like a coyote. It lurks in the shadows and does its mischief. If it knows that it is glimpsed, for even a second, it slinks away. Coyote always teaches you something about yourself, though you may or may not like the lesson. If you listen, the lessons may come easier, but if you turn your back and try to run, Coyote will dog your trail and bite you in the butt.”


The work of this Journey of Illumination, regardless of how the Shadow appears or the emotions that well up inside us, means valuing the Shadow as a gift that enriches our True Wise Self and broadens our presence, to ourselves and to our world. For some this will be a beginning in a practice of knowing these aspects of ourselves and taking on tools to employ this gift. For others the work will to support and deepen our current practices. For all, that Trickster Coyote has something to say.


Hear the poet. He marks path as we welcome each other and our shadows…. 


We are many,

valuable is each,

acceptance is key,

wholeness, indeed.


-Bob Harbuck, ‘23-


In preparation for attending the JOI, there is some important information with which to familiarize yourself, some decisions to be made about the logistics, the registration form to be completed, and a payment to be submitted. You will be contacted after registration to acknowledge our receipt of the registration and answer questions you may have. 


The event will be held at McKinney Falls State Park, just outside of Austin. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the park via the website, and the check-in and out procedures. Over and above our JOI registration fee of $100.00, there is a daily Park Fee of $6.00 for which you are responsible to pay to the park upon entrance. If you are a frequent user of the state park system, you may either have or want to purchase a SP Pass that allows you to forego the daily Park Fee. The SP Pass also covers the daily fee for persons with whom you are carpooling. Great reason to plan to ride with others. 

PLEASE NOTE: No one should avoid attending for financial reasons. Contact for scholarship.


We reserved five (5) cabins, numbered 1-5 on the park map. Each of these accommodate four (4) participants in either bunk beds or four single detached beds.


We want to support those that cannot sleep in tents due to physical or medical issues. Therefore, as you complete the registration form, indicate the requirement to have indoor accommodation.


We have six (6) camps sites, holding a total of 48 men. They are campsites 43, 45, 47, 51, 52, 54 as numbered on the park map. Please know the park website sets the number of participants for the campsites and limits the number of tents by restricting tents to the tent pad- (16 x16 sq. feet). If you want to share a site and/or tent with another participant, please get with them and let us know your preference. That can be sent to Dwight Wolf, or call him at 713-824-4775.


About one (1) month out from the event, you will receive more information about the event, including readings to encourage you to begin focusing on Shadow and your emotional experience, as well as a list of items you will need, such as water bottle, drum, etc.


Until we greet you in-person on February 23rd at the dining hall, we invite you to be in prayer for yourself and those planning to attend. 

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