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The Men's Rites of Passage is not just another Christian men's retreat, but five days of formal male initiation.

“You know after any truly initiating experience that you are part of a much bigger whole. Life is not about you henceforward, but you are about life.”

― Richard Rohr, Adam’s Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation

More than 6,000 men have been initiated through these rites of male initiation over the past 20 years. Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, (the author of our MROP) has now handed over the program to Illuman to oversee Chapters across the United States and Internationally as they implement this Men’s Rites of Passage.

The Men’s Rites of Passage are best for those who have already done some men’s work and who are on a serious spiritual journey. It is best to make this experience as a lone seeker. Fathers and sons are normally not initiated together, nor is it a buddy experience. You may come with friends, but expect to be assigned to a home group where you will be anonymous and start from zero together.

An application process is required, which is not a “first come, first served” process, but rather a discernment process about an applicant’s readiness to attend.  The cost of the Rites varies for each location, but is typically in the price range between $450 – $550 and includes all lodging, meals and any materials.  The actual price for the MROP is included on the Chapter’s application form. Enrollment limitations also vary for each geographic location. Scholarships are available by application.

Man in Nature


Almost 20 years ago, Richard Rohr, Stephen Gambill, along with others created a retreat experience in the wilderness that came to be known as the Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP).  Tapping deeply into universal truths and practices, the MROP is now regularly offered in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, The Czech Republic, all over the United States, and new countries are being added.  Thousands of men have gone through this deeply transformative experience already, and the movement is growing.

The MROP moved me from the center of a circle to its circumference.  I am one with all others.

Bob Strange


Acceptance to the MROP is based on perceived readiness for a deep encounter. In the Men’s Rites of Passage, images and ritual are used from a variety of religious traditions. Though our primary orientation has developed from the Judeo-Christian heritage, the universal nature of what the MROP addresses continually demonstrates that if something is true, it is true, and will resonate in human hearts all over this globe.

I showed up, got into my beginners mind, and was transformed.

Scott Johnson

Man Hiking in Wilderness


The MROP is not just another event to attend.  It is a decision that for many comes out of a sense that they are ready for “something” even if they are unsure what that is; see if in your “gut” God is inviting you into this adventure. You might also talk to others who have gone through the MROP. Contact us if you’d like to be connected with someone.

The Men's Rites of Passage blew me away.  It was so much more than I could have imagined it would be, and it prepared me to face a major trauma which hit me soon after my trip, putting me in a far better place than I would have otherwise been. Years later I’m still so grateful for the indelible mark this trip had on my life.  My spouse and my kids are all glad that I went…

Past MROP Participant

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