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Illuman of Texas
Youth Rite of Passage 2024

JULY 20 - 24, 2024


The Youth Rites of Passage (YROP) are initiation rites that have been adapted and adjusted for teenage boys from Illuman’s Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) model. The preferred age range is 14-15, but we will consider ages 13 and 16.

These rites are intended to prepare each boy emotionally and spiritually for what lies ahead in adulthood. Through the use of trusted council, mythology, contemplative prayer, and simple ritual, the rites team and the elders will provide the structure and support for the boys to begin individuating away from the security of home and childhood, and step forward into a deeper understanding of their duty toward and benefits from the community that will continue to gather around them as men.

One (or more) adult males must accompany the boy: father, grandfather, uncle, surrogate, etc...


The fee is $125 per adult and $125 per teen boy.


To sign up, please email the coordinator, Andrew Rice, at


By return email, you will receive an application and medical waiver which need to be filled out, signed and returned, instructions on how to submit payment, and directions to the retreat site.


The closest airport is the San Luis Valley Regional Airport in Alamosa, Colorado ( 50 mins. drive to South Fork). Flying into Denver is cheaper, but please know that the drive is close to 5 hours from DIA to South Fork.


*Important information regarding arrival and departure:

Please do everything that you can to arrive in South Fork no later than 6pm MST on Saturday July 20th, and to depart the cabin in South Fork no earlier than 9:30am MST on Wednesday July 24th.

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